August 02, 2013 Emma 0 Comments

Out and About - Lady Lever Art Gallery - Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition - Gathering Beauty

Last weekend my phone and I took a little trip to the Lady Lever Art Gallery to see the Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition. The weather wasn't great but I still managed to take a few photos. Even in the rain it was worth a visit.

The exhibition consisted of 25 drawings and watercolours. Some were preparatory studies for larger pieces and others were works of art in their own right. A lot of my favourite pieces were the preparatory studies. It's fascinating to be able to see the foundations of a larger piece, a bit like going behind the scenes of a film.

If you've never been to the Lady Lever Art Gallery I'd recommend watching this video. Actually, even if you have been you should still watch it. It's always interesting to see a familiar place through someone else's eyes. It's amazing how differently we can all view the same space.