June 02, 2014 Emma 0 Comments

Out and About: Hale Village - Statue of John Middleton

We took a trip to the village of Hale the other day. Hale is most famous for being the birthplace and home of John Middleton, best known as 'The Childe of Hale' who lived over 300 hundred years ago and was 9 feet 3 inches tall..

It was a beautiful, sunny day. We walked along the coast, watched quite a few planes take off and land (Liverpool airport is just down the road) and snapped a few pictures. The village was full of gorgeous whitewashed thatched cottages but sadly I'd forgotten to check my camera batteries (oops) and they ran out way before we got to that part of the village.

Hale Village Coastal Path
Hale Village Coastal Path
John Middleton - Childe of Hale statue

The statue above replaced a supposedly life size wood carving in 2013. There's a fantastic legend about how The Childe of Hale became so tall which you can read about here or if you're interested and fancy visit yourself you can find more out about the the village here.

It's definitely a place we'll be going back to, next time I just need to remember to check my batteries!