Make or Bake - diy sprinkle nails or confetti cake pops

Hello, hello. I think it’s about time we welcome back ‘Make or Bake’, don’t you? It’s been far too long. Five months actually! Check out the rainbow sprinkled duo of loveliness below.

Make or Bake - Diy Sprinkle Nails

MAKE: I’m obsessed with this diy sprinkle manicure from Studio Diy. I mean, it’s not at all practical, is it? I’d be leaving a trail of sprinkles behind me in seconds yet I can’t help but love it. I’m a sucker for anything bright and colourful.

Make or Bake - Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Pops

BAKE: Just when I thought cake pops couldn’t get any better here comes Sprinkles For Breakfast with the prettiest confetti cake pops. Cute, colourful and perfect for a party.

Sprinkles just make everything better don’t they, especially rainbow sprinkles. Which one would you choose? Rainbow sprinkled nails or confetti dotted cake pops?



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