December 31, 2013 Emma 0 Comments

The Best of 2013 - Your Favourites and Mine.

With only one day left of 2013 it seems like a good time to take a look back at some of the most popular posts on the blog as well as a few favourites of my own.

First up, the most popular.

1. I still love these Stamped Clay Magnets and it turns out you do too. They're number one by a mile. Hop on over if you missed them the first time or maybe fancy having another look.

2. More clay. This time Embossed Clay Star Decorations. I made them with christmas in mind but I think they'd make fantastic party decorations in general. Tie them to gifts, a bottle of wine or make them without the punched hole and scatter them on your table.

3. My Faceted Clay Tea Light Holders are still going strong. I'll be honest I wasn't sure how long they'd last, that's the problem with experiments but five months on and they still look great.

4. Painting Abstract Art with Melted Crayons. I've been meaning to make another one of these all year. They're so quick to make, you can have a new piece of wall art in a couple of hours. Give it a go.

The Best of 2013 - Your Favourites and Mine.

And now here are my top four favourites.

5. Sweet and simple Cinnamon Sugar Pastry Stars.

6. Who knew you could make your own Perfect Bound Notebook so easily? I know I didn't. Thanks to the fantastic Damask Love for showing me how. They're on my must-make-more list.

7. Another favourite was making these Diy Custom Eraser Stamps. All you need is a bit of patience and practice. I loved how they turned out.

8. And finally Nutella and Hazelnut Pastries. The perfect breakfast treat. Need I say more? Nope, didn't think so.

Happy New Year Everyone. Thanks for reading.