Diy Mini Plaster Christmas Tree Decorations.

Diy Mini Plaster Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas countdown continues. Not long to go now. I got this Christmas tree ice cube tray a few weeks ago and I'd been wondering what to do with it. I had a few different ideas. I thought about using it to make some glittery ice cubes like here or maybe some dark chocolate truffles but then I remembered this project over on Design Sponge for Diy Gem Pushpins, how much I liked it and decided plaster was the way to go.

Here's the things you'll need to make your own Diy Mini Plaster Christmas Trees:

Plaster of paris,
Christmas tree silicone mould. I got mine from the local shop but I've linked to a couple of similar ones at the bottom of the post,
An old bowl,
Something to mix the plaster with, an old spoon or wooden ice lolly stick,
Acrylic paint,
A paintbrush,
Gold gilding flakes,
And some gilding adhesive.

How to make Diy Mini Plaster Christmas Tree Decorations
1. Mix your plaster with water following the directions on the packet. Plaster of paris sets quickly so you need to work fast.

2. Pour into your silicone mould. If you're messy like me you may need to scrape away any excess plaster.

3. Leave to dry. The plaster I used set in 15-20 minutes but I left mine for a good 4 hours to make sure it was completely set.

4. Remove from the mould. They should easily pop out.

5. Paint your trees using some green acrylic craft paint. The paint will soak into the plaster a little so you may need to do a couple of coats. I did 3.

6. Apply some gilding adhesive and gilding flakes to the bottom of each tree. You can find a more in depth tutorial about using gilding flakes here. If you don't want to use gilding flakes you could always use a metallic gold paint instead. Martha Stewart does a great one that I've used in the past but any metallic paint will do.

Diy Mini Plaster Christmas Tree Decorations
Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need:

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Is there anything cuter than teeny tiny Christmas trees all lined up in a row? I think not and there's so many ways you could use them, as place cards, gift toppers, to decorate your fireplace, glue a magnet on the back like these and pop them on your fridge or even attach some twine to the back and hang them from your tree.

I think I'll be using mine as gift toppers. They're going to look great on top of these origami gift boxes.

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15 Favourite Diy Christmas Tree Ornaments.

15 Favourite Diy Christmas Tree Ornaments
Looking for a weekend christmassy craft project? Me too. Here's 15 of my favourite Diy Christmas Ornaments to spruce up your tree.

1. Diy Paint Splatter Ornaments from Love From Ginger, tiny works of art you can hang from your tree.

2. Easy peasy Printable Holiday Tree Ornaments from Oh Happy Day.

3. Head on over to the Tattly blog for their Diy Ornaments using temporary tattoos.

4. Here's another great idea from Love From Ginger, sweet Diy Illustrated Birch Christmas Ornaments.

5. A Felt Fox that can be used as an ornament or gift topper from Lia Griffin.

6. Can't find quite the right colour bauble? Try making your own like Sarah over at Sarah Hearts with these Diy Paint Filled Ornaments.

7. More Hand Painted Decorations this time from Torie Jayne using gold alphabet stickers to add a geometric pattern.

8. Add a little sparkle to your tree with these Diy Fancy Filled Ornaments from Freutcake.

9. Make these sculpey Clay Decorations from The Lovely Drawer and decorate with gold sharpie accents.

10. A glittery Diy Paper Feather Garland from Lia Griffin.

11. I've never tried making anything with concrete but these Diy Cement Tree Ornaments from Fellow Fellow make me want to have a go.

12. Clever Diy Peppermint Candy Christmas Ornaments from The Proper Pinwheel.

13. A sweet and edible Gingerbread Letter Garland from Hello, Wonderful.

14. Bright and colourful Diy Confetti Dipped Ornaments from A Bubble Life.

15. And finally I had to include my own Embossed Clay Star Decorations ;) They're still one of my favourite things I've made.

Have a great weekend everybody.


Diy Paper Christmas Trees Topped With Origami Stars.

Diy Paper Christmas Trees Topped With Origami Stars

I'm so excited to share this tutorial for these diy paper Christmas trees with you. They're such a quick and easy project and take practically no time at all. You could easily whip up a whole forest of them in an afternoon.

How to make Diy Paper Christmas Trees
Things you'll need to make your own Diy Paper Christmas Trees:

Scrapbook paper, I used the Crate Paper Close Knit pad.
Several bowls or cups of different sizes to draw around or a circle cutter. I've got the Martha Stewart one on my Christmas list. Each one needs to about an inch smaller than the last or a circle cutter.
A bone folder,
A pencil,
And some blue tack or light weight modelling clay.

1. Trace and cut out 3 circles from your scrapbook paper. You'll need 3 different sizes. I used a cereal bowl (4.5 inches in diameter) for the biggest one, a small bowl for the middle circle (3.5) and a ramekin (2.5) for the smallest.

2. Take a circle, fold it in half and crease using a bone folder. Open your circle out again and turn 90 degrees,  fold it in half again. Your circle should now to divided up into 4 sections. Repeat and fold these 4 sections in half again so you have 8 sections and then finally 16 sections.

3. Take your circle and fold it using an accordion fold.

4. Repeat for your 2 other circles. The smaller the circle, the harder it is to fold so make sure to take your time.

5. Use a small ball of blu tack or modelling clay to space out each layer of your paper tree. Press each layer firmly to the blu tack below. Adjust each layer until you're happy with it.

How to make origami lucky stars
How to make a mini Origami Star Tree Topper:

1. Take your scrapbook paper and cut it into strips 1/2 inch wide and 12 inches long.

2. Take your paper strip and tie it into a loose knot. Try not to pull too hard as the paper will rip.

3. Pull it gently and flatten. You should now have a flat pentagon shape.

4. Take the short end and tuck it into the knot.

5. Start folding the long end around each side of your pentagon. It should naturally follow in the right direction. Keep going until you only have a small tail piece left. Tuck that tail end in like you did at the beginning.

6. Take your flat star and use your fingernail to push in on each side. Your star should start to puff up.

7. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of your origami star and stick to the top of your tree. VoilĂ ! You're all done.

How great would they look lined up on top of the fireplace? Or as a table centrepiece? You could even thread them with string and replace the blu tack with beads and hang them from your tree. Any ideas? What would you use them for?

Diy Paper Christmas Trees Topped With Origami Stars.

Please note the above links are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through them I receive a small commission. 

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