July 24, 2014 Emma 0 Comments

Watercolour Typography - Some Things Take Time

This week I've been having a go at watercolour hand drawn typography. I've always had a soft spot for all things type, in particular anything hand drawn (or maybe it's handpainted) using brushes and brushstrokes but I never quite knew where to start. I was scrolling through my things to make and do board looking for my next project to try when I came across this brilliant tutorial for watercolour lettering I'd pinned and forgotten all about. It seemed like a great place to start so I grabbed a paintbrush and paper and got to work.

Diy Watercolour Lettering

Full disclaimer, I should start by saying that what you see above was not my first attempt. I went through a whole stack of scrap paper before I felt confident enough to use the good stuff. I didn't want to waste all my good paper practicing.

Creating hand drawn watercolour lettering

I followed the advice in the tutorial and mapped out my design in pencil first. I mixed a dark inky blue acrylic paint and made sure my brush was loaded with paint then started painting over my lettering. To help get some variation in your lettering the tutorial recommends adding pressure on the downward strokes and pressing lighter on the upwards strokes. For some reason I did the opposite but think it turned out ok.

Practicing watercolour lettering

Has anyone else had a go at doing their own hand lettering? I've got this one taped above my desk. I'm not a hundred percent happy with it but I don't think it's a bad start.