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Make your own Diy Paper Bows

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to show you how to make these cute diy paper bows that you can use to decorate any origami gift boxes you may make.

I made these using a template I sketched out but if this isn't something you feel confident doing I've included a couple of links to places I've found with templates you can download instead.

Making a paper bow template

1. Sketch out (or download from either here/here or here) your template.

To make the bow start by drawing 2 circles. Join them together in the middle and add a tail at each end. To make the base of your bow draw another 2 circles but this time you need to make them slightly closer together. Join them in the middle again like in photo above.

Make sure the middle parts of each piece are roughly the same size so when you glue them together they will fit nicely together and not stick out.

This is the part where you might need to do some tweaking. To make sure your pieces are evenly matched fold them in half, trace around the edge and trim away any excess. To finish the base piece of your bow, fold it in half again and this time cut a 'V' shape into the end.

2. Once you're happy with your paper template trace around it onto some thick cardstock and cut it out.

3. Take your scrapbook paper (this is great for using up all those leftover pieces from other projects) and trace around your templates.

4. Cut out all your pieces.

How to make your own diy paper bows

5. Making the bow.

Take the bigger piece (the piece with the tails), lay it pattern side down and fold the ends in. Secure with some double sided tape.

To finish the bow I used some thin strips of paper I had leftover from making this perfect bound notebook, stuck some more double sided tape to the back of the strip and wrapped it around to hold the 2 pieces together.

6. Attach to your gift box or bag.

Diy Paper Bows

I really love how these turned out and the great thing about them is there's so many ways you could use them. You could string them together to make a pretty garland, add some ribbon to the top of each one and hang from your tree or even press them flat and use them to embellish cards or scrapbook pages.

Any ideas? What would you use them for?

Diy paper bows

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