September 30, 2014 Emma 0 Comments

My Favourite Photo Editing Apps.

I'm always experimenting with photo editing apps so today I thought I'd share six of my favourites, what I love about them and how I use them.

1. A Beautiful Mess ($0.99 or around 60p depending on exchange rates). If you want to add hand drawn doodles and words to your photos this is the app for you. I used it to add yum! and the hearts to this photo. I also love to use the poppy filter to give dull colours a quick boost.

2. Rhonna Designs android/iphone ($1.99/£1.23). I love this app for adding scrapbook style elements to my photos. It comes with a good range of icons, shapes, frames and uplifting sayings but you can also download extra packs if you want more. If you're new to photo editing apps or maybe just want to see exactly what you can do there's also a whole section on the website containing tutorials on how to use the masks, frames and and filters which is well worth a look.

3. PicsArt (free). There's a lot of great things you can do with this app but there's one main reason I love it. PicsArt lets you layer your photos on top of each other and edit them to make the backgrounds transparent. I like to use it to layer screenshots of songs I'm listening to over photos as you can see in the bottom left picture.

4. Afterlight ($0.99). I've been waiting and waiting for this to be available on android and in august it finally happened. So far the highlight has been the filters, there's 59 of them and all the textures and light leaks.

5. Diana (free and paid version). I know I've talked about this app before but I had to include it again as it's still one of my current go-to apps when I'm editing photos. This app lets you later photos to create double exposures. I used it here and here to create the images in my lovely links posts. The free version does contain a watermark though so you might want to consider upgrading to the paid version to remove it.

6. Studio (free). There's a lot I love about this app. Not only does it have a huge range of extra overlay packs you can download for free but it also gives you the option to 'remix' other people's designs and make it your own. If you're struggling for inspiration or maybe have no idea where to start all you have to do it scroll through the community, remix a design and add your own photo. This app makes designing your own professional looking graphics easy, trust me.

If you've got any more photo editing app recommendations that you love and think I should check out please share them in the comments below. I'd love to try them.