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Diy Instagram Mini Album

Let's talk photos. Or more importantly, Instagram photos.

I think like a lot of people I've fallen into the trap of snapping a bunch of photos, running them through a filter, sharing them on Facebook or Instagram, sometimes this blog and then forgetting all about them. Well, today I've decided to change my photo forgetting ways. I got some photos printed from my summer trip to Cornwall and used them to make this Diy Instagram Mini Album.

In case you're interested, I used the Studio app to add text to my photos and edited them using the A Beautiful Mess app. You can find more of my favourite photo editing apps here.

Let's get started.

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Instagram Mini Album

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Instagram Album:

Printed instagram photos,
Card stock or chipboard,
Scrapbook paper, I used the leftover pieces from making my Diy Quote Banner.
Cutting mat,
Craft knife,
Double-sided tape,
Washi tape and other craft supplies to decorate your album.

How to make your own Diy Instagram Mini Photo Album

1. Print out your photos.

If you don't have a printer and you're based in the UK I can recommend the Free Prints App. You get up to 45 free prints a month and all you have to pay for is the postage. When you sign up your get an additional £1.49 off your first order so I ended up getting 40 prints for £2. Bargain. You can also pick between a gloss or matte finish at no extra cost.

2. Glue your photos down onto your card stock. Leave to dry and then cut to size.

3. To back your photos glue them down onto some scrapbook paper and trim away any excess paper. If you want you could skip this step and leave the back of your pages blank to journal on or even glue your photos back to back.

How to make your own Diy Instagram Mini Photo Album

4. Lay out your photos in the order you want them. Think about what you'll see on the back of each page. Do you want to alternate between a photo and journalling page? Back to back photos? Or a double journalling page?

5. When you're happy with your arrangement start joining your pages together with washi tape.

Remember: Make sure to leave a small gap in between each of your photo pages as you stick them together. This will mean your pages can open and close easily.

6. Carry on attaching your pages one at a time. As your stack of pages starts to grow you might find it easier to stick your washi tape down to one page only, fold it over to form a hinge and them carefully press the next page down on top. The great thing about washi tape is you can peel it off and start again as many times as you like so don't worry about making mistakes.

How to make your own Diy Instagram Mini Photo Album

7. You should now have a neat stack of photo pages secured together with a washi tape spine.

8. To make the cover cut some card stock or chipboard to size and cover in some more scrapbook paper. I really love this camera design scrapbook paper from the Maggie Holmes range. Attach the cover with washi tape in the same way as you did the rest of the pages.

To finish off your cover, cut some scrapbook paper to size and fold it around your spine. Stick it down using a couple of strips of double sided tape to the front and back cover.

Remember: Your spine needs to be flexible so make sure you don't glue or stick your paper to the spine of your book. Only where it touches your cover.

Another great option is to use washi tape instead of scrapbook paper to cover your spine. The flexible tape will move with the pages.

9. Decorate your cover and pages. I used more of the Maggie Holmes scrapbook paper, some stickers from Cath Kidston and the Dear Lizzy roller date stamp.

Diy Instagram Mini Album

Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need:

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