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Diy Folding Envelope Mini Album

Ever since I made this Diy Instagram Mini Album I've been thinking about more ways of using and storing my printed photos.

I thought about making another pocket notebook like this one but I wasn't quite sure and after a quick google for 'envelope albums' I found a couple of great tutorials for making accordion folding albums using envelopes. You can find them here and here.

The thing I love about this accordion mini album is that no matter how much you fill/stuff your envelopes with photos this album will keep expanding. No more overstuffed albums.

So, let's get started.

Here's the things you'll need to make your own Diy Folding Envelope Mini Album:

Scrapbook paper, I used the Close Knit range from Crate Paper.
Card stock or chipboard,
Double sided sticky tape,

Learn how to make your own Diy Accordion Folding Envelope Mini Album

1. Decide on how many envelopes/pages you want.

2. Open up your envelopes and lay them flat. Using either glue or double sided sticky tape you're going to stick the inside of the envelope flap to the back of the next envelope.

3. Keep going until you've stuck down all your envelopes. Fold like an accordion and put to the side for later.

4. To make the hardcover for your mini album you need to cut a piece of card stock or chipboard slightly larger than your envelope. I made mine a couple of millimetres bigger on each side. You need to make your cover slightly larger so it can protect your pages/envelopes from being damaged.

5. Stick your hardcover pieces down onto your chosen scrapbook paper leaving a 1cm border. Cut triangles into the corners. Leave a small gap at the corner tips (about 1 mm). This gap will fold around the depth of the chipboard.

Learn how to make your own Diy Accordion Folding Envelope Mini Album

6. Fold and glue down each flap and leave to dry. Depending on what type of glue you've used you may need to press your cover pieces as they dry as pva and mod podge can warp the card.

7. To make the closure cut and glue down a piece of ribbon to the back of each of your cover pieces.

8. To finish the back cover, glue down the final envelope flap along with your piece of ribbon. Cover them both with another piece of scrapbook paper.

9. Repeat for the front cover except this time you'll need to glue the whole envelope down.

10. Once dry decorate and fill with your photos.

Diy Accordion Folding Envelope Mini Album

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