March 16, 2015 Emma 0 Comments

6 Favourite Diy Clay Crafts

Hi, let's start the week like we ended the last one, shall we? With some diy clay crafts.

1. Amazing Diy Faux Glazed Pots from Fall For Diy. It makes me want to 'glaze' everything I've ever made from air dry clay.

2. Pretty hand painted Polymer Clay Coasters from The Lovely Drawer with bonus recipe for Lady Grey peach iced tea.

3. Clever lace imprinted Diy Oven Baked Clay Hanging Planters from Going Home To Roost. I love the way the clay is pinched and folded.

4. Brighten up your fridge with these Diy Mini Vase Magnets from Oh So Pretty.

5. Another fantastic project from Fall For Diy. This time a Diy Clay Egg Carton, perfect for storing not only jewellery but all those mini Easter eggs.

6. And finally from A Beautiful Mess we have these Diy Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights although I definitely think they're too pretty not to be used all year round.