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Peach Frozen Yoghurt.

Last week when I shared this recipe for sweet and simple peach lemonade I said the other thing I wanted to try to make was cheats frozen peach ice cream. It's a similar idea to the magic one ingredient frozen banana ice cream. You take your frozen fruit and blitz it up in a blender for an instant cheats ice cream. No ice cream maker needed.

I already had most of the ingredients from making the peach lemonade so I decided to give it a try. It didn't go exactly to plan. I didn't end up with an instant ice cream but what I did end up with was still delicious so I wanted to share it.

Instead of an instant soft serve ice cream my mixture looked more like a thick milkshake. The original recipe said to use 4 cups of fresh chopped peaches. I only had 5 peaches so I made do with what I had. I think that's probably where I went wrong. I poured my blended peach mixture into a tin and popped it in the freezer. A couple of hours later and I had this pretty amazing peach frozen yoghurt so I can't complain. If you're looking for a light and refreshing summer dessert I can recommend it.

Ingredients for Peach Frozen Yoghurt

Ingredients: (makes 6 scoops/2 servings)

5 peaches chopped, pitted and frozen (I left the skins on mine but you could remove them if you want),
3 tablespoons agave syrup,
120 ml plain yoghurt,
1 tablespoon fresh lemon.
recipe adapted from here.

Making Peach Frozen Yoghurt

1. Add the frozen peaches to your blender and blend.

I used the ice setting on my blender and followed the instructions adding a 100g of peaches at a time and it seemed to work fine.

Blended frozen peaches

2. Add the syrup, yoghurt and lemon juice to your blitzed peaches and blend. You can adjust these to taste.

Blended peach frozen yoghurt

3. Pour the peach mixture into a tin and freeze.

peach frozen yoghurt in tin

Your frozen peach yoghurt can be stored in the freezer for up to a month.

Peach Frozen Yoghurt

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