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Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Boxes

Do you remember these Diy Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes I made back in January? They're one of the most popular things I've made so far this year. I'd been wanting to try and make a rectangular version for a while now but had been struggling to figure out how to do it when I came across this fantastic tutorial over on Pootles. It was exactly what I was looking for.

These boxes are a bit different to the normal milk carton boxes I've made in the past. Instead of sticking down paper flaps to make the base of the box the flaps make up the sides. I've never tried making a box like this before so a bit of trial and error was involved. I wanted each box to be big enough to fit 2 of the standard 37g bags of Maltesers inside. As the original tutorial was for a small 2.5 inch box I needed to tweak the measurements and proportions. The finished boxes measure 5 inches by 2 inches and are 4.5 inches tall. Read on to see how I made them and if you want more diy box ideas I can't recommend the Pootles blog enough. I know you'll love it.

How to make Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Boxes

Materials needed to make your own Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Boxes:

Scrapbook paper ( I used the Diy Shop 12 x 12 pad from Crate Paper), a score board or embossing tool and ruler, a bone folder, double-sided tape or paper glue, scissors and some mini wooden pegs or bakers twine.

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1. Trim your paper to 12 x 9 inches.

2. With the 12 inch side on the top (the long side) score lines at 0.5 inches, 2 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, 10 inches and 11.5 inches.

3. Rotate your paper 90 degrees so the 9 inch side is now at the top and score at the 2 inch and 7 inch mark.

4. Fold along your score lines and use a bone folder to burnish the creases. This will help make sure all your folds are clean and sharp.

5. Cut along the 5 and 7 inch marks up to the 2 inch score line. It's marked in blue in the bottom right square above. This will make 2 square flaps.

How to make Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Gift Boxes

6. Apply double-sided tape or paper glue to the 2 square flaps you've just made and to the 2 rectangle pieces to the right of both square up to the 0.5 inch score line (see square in top left).

7. The 9 inch side of your paper will form the top of your box and the 12 inch side will form the sides. Lay your paper flat. Lift one of the square flaps and stick it to the back of the rectangle piece that has the tape or glue on. Lift the flap with no tape and stick this to the glued flap. Do the same to the other side.

8. Take your box and squeeze the top together. The box should naturally fold in and stop at the score lines to form to triangles on each side of your box.

9. Use some mini clothes pins or tie with bakers twine to keep the top of your rectangular milk carton boxes closed and fill with treats.

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Diy Rectangle Milk Carton Boxes

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