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Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

Today's paper project are these Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks.

Even though I don't scrapbook I'm a sucker for all the pretty papers and I fell in love with the Amy Tangerine Stitched scrapbook paper as soon as I saw it. I love all the watercolour effects and the gorgeous colours especially the buttercup yellow and the soft grey.

I picked out a couple of my favourite patterns and was waiting for inspiration to strike when I remembered all those lovely shaker pockets people make when they scrapbook with pocket protectors. You fill the pocket with sequins or confetti and stitch the top closed. If you don't know what I mean you can find an example over here.

I love the idea of adding an extra dimension and some sparkle to your photos but as I don't scrapbook I wanted to find a way to incorporate the same idea into something I could use. I always have a book on the go so I decided some bookmarks were the way to go.

Materials needed to make Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

Materials needed to make your own Diy Sequin Pocket Bookmarks:

Scrapbook paper (I used the Amy Tangerine Stitched range from American Crafts), pocket protectors, sequins, sparkly snow and a sewing machine.

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How to make Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

1. Trim your scrapbook paper and plastic pocket to size. I made mine 2.5 x 7 inches.

I found the better the quality of page protector you use the better your bookmark will be. I tried making them using the kind you'd put in a ring binder but they were too flimsy. The thicker the plastic the sturdier the bookmark.

2. Place a plastic rectangle on top of a paper rectangle and line them up.

3. Use a sewing machine to sew 3 of the sides together. You need to leave a gap at the top of your bookmark to make the pocket. Don't worry about the loose threads for now, we'll be cleaning them up later.

4. Fill your pocket bookmark with sequins, confetti or glitter.

5. Sew the top of your bookmark closed.

6. Flip your bookmark over. To tidy up the loose ends pull the loose thread at the back, the front thread should pull through to the back where you can tie it together in a knot. You can see a close-up of how to do this over on this post for Quick and Easy Diy Notebooks.

And that's it, how to make sparkle filled diy shaker bookmarks.

What do you think?

I love how quick they were to make and I can't wait to get started on my latest book.

Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

Diy Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

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