November 16, 2015 Emma 0 Comments

3 Diy's I'd Love To Make - Crochet // Weaving // Clay

I love putting together these love to make posts. There's so many fantastically creative people out there making and sharing awesome things that it feels wrong to keep them to myself.

Today's round-up includes not only 3 diy's I'd love to make but also 3 of my all time favourite crafts, clay, weaving and crochet.

1. As you know I've only recently started crocheting but I'm already hooked, ha, hooked! Get it? ;) I don't if I'm quite ready to attempt this crochet market tote from Delia Creates just yet but I'll definitely be bookmarking it for a future date.

2. How cute is this mini diy woven keychain from Entralling Gumption? I love the addition of the wooden beads. I think my keys would love to be hanging off one of these.

2. I think we all know how much I like making things out of air dry clay so there was no way I wasn't going to love this diy plaited planter from Fall For Diy. Such a clever idea.

What about you? Any diy's you'd love to make?