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Diy 3D Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Heart Decorations

Since Valentine's Day is almost here I've got a simple paper project for you. Diy 3D Valentine's Day Paper Tissue Hearts. Make these cute 3D paper tissue hearts and fill your home with a little extra love this Valentine's Day.

Supplies: Red tissue paper, a pencil, card, scissors and a sewing machine.

Diy 3D Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Heart Decorations

1. Make a symmetrical heart template by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing on half a heart. Cut it out and open it up. You can trace this onto card if you want a stronger template.

2. Stack up your sheets of tissue paper and trace around your heart.

I did mine in stacks of 12, any more than that and I had trouble cutting them. You can use a couple of paperclips to help the sheets together as you cut.

3. Line up your tissue paper hearts. I made some with 12 layers and 24 layers.

4. Use a sewing machine and stitch through the centre of each stack of hearts. When you reach the end of your heart keep sewing and pulling the stitched thread through until it reaches the desired length. If you want you can add another heart on the same string to make a garland or leave them as single hanging decorations.

5. Fluff out the tissue paper layers and hang. I found folding and creasing each layer down the centre helped them hold their shape.

And that's it. Pretty easy, right? String them up and hang them on a door or wall or maybe even in front of a window for a super simple Valentine's Day decoration.

Diy 3D Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Heart Decorations

Diy 3D Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Heart Decorations

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