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Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath.

Spring is just around the corner or at least I hope it is. I'm more than ready for the warmer weather and bright spring colours. The weather here is still a little hit and miss, one minute the skies are bright and blue and the next it's grey and gloomy. Today I'm going to show you how to brighten up those last remaining gloomy days by creating this diy spring paper flower wreath.

It's made using a simple paper flower that's incredibly easy to make. You can scale them up or down depending on the look you want to achieve and can customise them to match any theme using whatever paper you have on hand. I'm calling it a spring wreath but I think it would make a fantastic Easter or Mother's Day decoration as well.

Materials needed to make a Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath.


Pastel card stock, glitter paper, styrofoam ring, ribbon, pins, glue dots or other paper glue, stick-on gem stones and a pair of scissors.

I found the most amazing pastel glitter paper at my local craft shop and knew it'd fit this project perfectly. I bought some stick-on gem stones for the center of the flowers, a metre of pale blue ribbon and a 20cm styrofoam ring that cost around £3.

How to make a simple  Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath.

1. To make your simple paper flowers you need to start by cutting your card stock into squares.

For the large flowers (pictured above) I used a 3 inch square for the base and 2.5 inch square for the smaller glittery top layer. For the smaller flowers I used a 2.5 inch square for the base and a 2 inch square for the top.

2. Take one of your squares and fold it in half and half again. You can use a bone folder to ensure a crisp fold. Next you need to fold it half once more but this time fold along the diagonal to make a triangle.

3. To make the petals cut a teardrop shape out of the top of the folded triangle. You can do this by sketching out the shape first or by cutting it freehand. Open it up to reveal the base layer of your paper flower.

4. Do the same on a smaller piece of paper to make the inner part of the flower. To give the inner part some more dimension cut along one of the folds and use a glue dot to stick one of the petals on top of the other.

5. Glue the 2 layers together to make your flower.

How to make a simple Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath.

6. Next you need to cut out some leaves. You can either cut them freehand like I did or make yourself a template to draw around instead. If you want you can cut your leaves out of both plain card stock and glittery paper to give your wreath an added dimension.

7. Position your flower and leaves and secure into place by pushing a pin through the center.

8. Hide the pins by using stick-on gems to make your wreath look neat and tidy.

9. Keep pinning on your flowers and filling your wreath until all the styrofoam ring is covered. The styrofoam ring makes it easy to re-position your flowers. If you're not happy with the layout, simply remove the pin and adjust.

I found it worked best to overlap the large and small flowers and tried to make sure the different colours were evenly distributed.

10. To finish your wreath wrap some ribbon around the top and tie in a knot to hang.

I left a gap and tied my ribbon at the end but I think a better way of doing it would be to tie the ribbon at the beginning and then pin on your paper flowers. If you're worried about gaps showing through in between your paper flowers it's a good idea to wrap your entire styrofoam ring in ribbon first. To help my wreath hang better I found it also helped to secure the knot at the back of the wreath using some more pins.

Simple Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath.

And there you have it, a simple and cheap paper flower wreath perfect for Spring.

What do you think?

Diy Spring Paper Flower Wreath // close up

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