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Here's a quick little project that's fun to make for Valentine's Day, pretty patterned paper origami hearts. Each one only took me a few minutes to make and can be made with any decorative paper you have on hand. String them up as a garland or share the love by hiding them all over the house. Cute, right?

Follow the steps below to learn how to make your own origami hearts this Valentine's Day.

How To Make An Origami Heart

1. Take your A4 piece of paper and fold down the top right corner to the left edge.

2. Unfold and do the same on the other side.

3. When you open it up you should have a pyramid shape. Pull the top of the paper down and allow the sides to collapse in. Press down and crease to form a triangle.

How To Make An Origami Heart

4. Fold the right corner of the triangle up towards the top peak. Do the same on the other side.

5. Take the right hand edge of the paper and fold in to the center. Repeat on the other side.

6. Flip your paper over and fold the bottom edge up to the meet the base of the triangle.

How To Make An Origami Heart

7. Take the first layer of the top of your triangle and fold down. This will form an upside down triangle pocket.

8. Now take the bottom right corner and fold towards the center. This part can be a little tricky as there is a small flap underneath that will want to fold up at the same time so make sure to only fold the top layer forward.

9. Tuck the corner into the triangle pocket and fold and crease. Do the same on the other side.

10. You should now be left with 2 triangle flaps sticking up at the top. Take these flaps and fold them down at an angle. Tuck the tips into the pocket and press flat.

And that's it. All done.

How To Make An Origami Heart

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