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Diy Paper Gift Bag.

Looking for a simple diy paper gift bag? Then look no further. Today's project is perfect for holding small gifts or treats. With a few folds you can turn a simple sheet of paper into a snazzy gift bag.

Supplies for Diy Paper Gift Bag.

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook paper, Martha Stewart scoring board and bone folder, ruler, pencil, scissors, glue stick, ribbon or baker's twine.

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How to make a Diy Paper Gift Bag.

1. Cut your paper to standard A4 size.

2. With the long side at the top, use a scoring board and bone folder to score the paper at the 4 inch mark, the 5 inch mark, the 9 inch mark, the 10 inch mark and the 11 inch mark.

3. Rotate the paper 90 degrees and score at the 1 inch mark and the 2 inch mark.

4. Lay the the paper with the last 2 score lines at the bottom. Trim away the excess paper as shown in the 2nd square down on the left. You need to make a base for your bag with 3 tabs and a small 1/2 inch side tab.

5. Apply glue to the tabs and fold the bottom of the bag up first. Stick the side tab down last.

6. Pinch the top of the bag to close. The sides will naturally fold in.

7. Hold the bag closed and use a pencil to mark in 1 inch from each side. Use a hole punch or a crop-a-dile and punch 2 holes in the top of the bag.

8. Fill with your treats and tie with some ribbon or baker's twine.

Diy Paper Gift Box

Diy Paper Gift Box

What would you fill your gift bags with? Chocolate pretzels? Some of these awesome galaxy lollipops? Or with the holidays just around the corner maybe some Christmas themed candy?