May 10, 2017 Emma 0 Comments

Hello, hello. Today's project is this adorable paper mug gift box that you can easily make using a few strips of paper. Isn't it the cutest little gift box? This is a great project to have in your back pocket for those last minute gift giving emergencies. Fill a cellophane bag with treats and pop it inside to complete your gift.

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook paper or card, a score board and bone folder, scissors, double sided tape, cellophane bags and ribbon.

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1. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to 9 inches by 5 inches.

2. With the long side at the top score at 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" and 8".

3. Rotate the paper 90 degrees and score at 1.5".

4. Fold along all the score lines. Use a bone folder to burnish the folds to get a crisp edge.

5. Cut along the bottom up to the 1.5" score lines to create 8 tabs.

6. Cut notches into the top and bottom of the last 1 inch strip to create a tab. Use double sided tape to stick this tab down to make a tube.

7. Fold the bottom tabs up and stick them down one at a time to form the base of your mug.

8. To make the handle cut out 2 circles from a piece of scrapbook paper. I used a glass as a template and then a roll of washi tape to form the inside circle. Fold your circles in half and and use the halfway mark as a guide to cut away about 1/3 of the circle. You want to have enough left to form tabs.

9. Stick the 2 handle pieces together and stick the tabs to the paper mug.

10. Fill your mug with the cellophane wrapped gift and finish by tying on a bow.

These paper mug gift boxes have so many uses, from birthdays to weddings to teacher's gifts. I filled mine with a couple of mini hand creams but you could fill them with anything you fancy. The ingredients needed to make a hot chocolate, coffee flavoured chocolates for the coffee lover or maybe even a selection of teas for that special person that can't resist a good cuppa.  What would you use them for?