September 11, 2017 Emma 0 Comments

Some pretty things on my Etsy wishlist.

1. A beautiful pastel green headband from Camelotia. Just the thing to keep my ears warm this Autumn.

2. These ceramic paper cup plant pots from Helen Rebecca Ceramics are at the top of my list.

3. Removable wallpapers seem to be everywhere at the minute but I'm particularly fond of these from Kate Zeremba. I've got my eye on the gem stones and crystals.

4. Simple yet stylish geometric cube earrings from Alminty 3D.

5. My love for marbling is still going strong. Can you blame me when it's as pretty as this hydrangea blue silk ribbon from Natalie As Is?

6. This grey and silver cube mirror is pretty special. It can be hung in 3 different ways and transform it's look. Check it out at Haidee Drew.

7. And finally but definitely not least is this absolutely breathtaking butterfly collared shirt from Purple Fish Bowl. If I could I'd buy everything from their Fine Art Collection. It's all stunning.

What's on your wish list?