November 20, 2017 Emma 0 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide For The Colour Lover.

It's that time of year again! Are you excited? I have to say holiday gift guides are one of my favourite things, I love seeing what other people put together. I genuinely love every single thing on this list and I had such fun making it. If you know a colour lover and are looking for the perfect gift can I suggest one of these rainbow beauties.

Colour Blocked Monogram Journal // Anthropologie   Lollipop Polymer Clay Necklace // Palindrome & Co  Rainbow Quartz Crystal Sculpture // Urban Outfitters   Girl With Mask Print // Piet En Kees   The Tiny Book Of Tiny Pleasure // Anthropologie   Disco Moon Sipper Cup // Urban Outfitters  Neon Coloured Pencils // Urban Outfitters   Everything Is Going To Be OK Thermal Mug //   Rainbow Desk Notepad // Urban Outfitters   Always Be A Unicorn Comfort Box // Kim's Little Monsters     5-in-1 Rainbow Charger // Modcloth   Yellow Brick Road Necklace // I Am A Acrylic