I think it's about time for another make or bake, don't you? It's been quite a while.

MAKE - A handmade yarn shag rug. Argh, rugs can be so expensive and often it's difficult to find one in the perfect size or colour so I love this diy version Lindsey made over on e-How. If you have a lot of scraps of yarn hanging around this might be just the project for you.

BAKE - A colourful shag rug inspired cake. It was hard not to fall instantly in love with this cake and lucky for me the video tutorial from Preppy Kitchen makes it look super do-able. It's all about that grass tip piping nozzle. If you're not much of a baker and don't want to make the whole thing from scratch a plain iced store bought cake (like this one) that you can decorate yourself would make a fantastic base.