Learn how to make a simple origami square bowl with these easy instructions. These paper bowls are perfect for serving snacks or storing stationery, jewellery or other knick-knacks.

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And so my love for origami continues. Today I’m sharing a traditional origami bowl. It’s a quick way to make a useful dish for serving snacks or keeping things like jewellery safe.

If you’re throwing a party and need a cute last-minute bowl to serve nibbles then these are the bowls for you. Match them to your theme or party decor by using pretty coordinated papers. I think they’d make a fantastic centrepiece at a party. Fill them with treats and set them out on the table.

To make my bowls I pulled out some of the lovely patterned paper from a summer issue of Mollie Makes magazine. They’re by the very talented Hannah Rampley. Aren’t they lovely? I’m a terrible hoarder when it comes to scrapbook paper so it’s nice to find things to make with all those pretty papers.


I made these bowls using 6 x 6 inch squares. You can make them any size depending on your paper. Gift wrap is a good one if you want to make a big bowl to hold popcorn or crisps.

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step by step instructions to make origami square base

How to make a square base.

  1. Start by lying your paper flat with the coloured side facing up. If you’re using double-sided paper like I did make sure the final pattern is facing up.

  2. Fold in half from left to right, unfold and fold in half again this time from top to bottom.

  3. Open back out and flip over so the final pattern is facing down.

  4. Fold it in half again, this time across both diagonals.

  5. Unfold and flip back over.

  6. Rotate 45 degrees.

step by step instructions to make origami candy bowls

7. Pull the top point down to meet the bottom point.

8. Collapse down and press flat. You now have a square base.

How to fold an origami bowl.

9. Rotate the paper so the open end is at the top.

10. Fold the top layer down to meet the bottom point.

11. Open back out and fold the top point back down but this time bring it down to meet the crease you made in the previous step. Leave folded and fold back down along the same crease.

step by step instructions to make origami snack bowl

12. Flip over and repeat steps 10 and 11.

13. Lift the flap on the right and turn it to the left like a page.

14. Take the right hand point and fold it into the middle.

15. Repeat and fold the left hand side in.

step by step instructions to make origami snack bowl

16. Flip it over and repeat folding both sides in to the middle.

17. Take the top point and fold it down to meet the bottom of your model.

18. Tuck the point under the flap and press flat.

19. Flip over and repeat.

step by step instructions to make origami snack bowl

20. Pull apart and open out.

21. Press the bottom flat to finish.

finished origami bowls

Make them as big or as small as you like. Use plain paper, patterned, old magazines, origami paper, gift wrap or whatever else you have on hand. This is such a fun project. I hope you give it a go.

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