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Project Life 2013 - Gathering Beauty

Project Life Update - Gathering Beauty

As I mentioned here I've decided to have a go at Project Life. I'm two months in and so far I love it. It's nice to have a real physical place to put all my pictures again.

Project Life Update - Gathering Beauty

I've tried to keep it as simple as possible, photos, some pretty paper, stickers and a bit washi tape here and there. As you can see April still has a couple of spaces left to fill. It definitely feels harder having to go back and fill the pockets rather than doing it as I go. I have a couple more photos to add from this trip to Bronte Country and a few blank filler cards waiting for some words before it's finished.

Project Life Update - Gathering Beauty

May felt much easier. I printed and cut as I went along and the pages soon started filling up. It probably helped that it was a film heavy month and the tickets took up three of the pockets. I love the idea of putting tickets and receipts into the pockets, things I wouldn't normally keep but I'm still not sure what to do with bits and pieces that are too large or bulky to fit. I'm thinking maybe an envelope or insert page at the back but I haven't decided yet. There's still a few gaps to fill but for the most part it feels finished.

Supplies used - trading card page protectors, scrapbooking paper from the Dear Lizzy range at American Crafts, alphabet and neon pink heart stickers from Paperchase, speech bubble stickers from Ikea, washi tape and ultra fine sharpies.