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Diy Stamped Clay Coasters

Today I wanted to share this great diy for making your own Stamped Clay Coasters.

I'm a big fan of air hardening clay. I've used it in the past to make stamped clay magnets, faceted clay tea light holders and at christmas to make these embossed star tree decorations. It's such an easy thing to use and I've loved everything I've made from it so far. These stamped clay coasters were no exception.

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Stamped Clay Coasters:

Air hardening clay,
Your choice of stamps,
A coaster or cardboard template,
A knife,
Acrylic paints,
Mod podge of pva glue,
A paintbrush,
And some felt.

how to make your own Diy Stamped Clay Coasters

1. Start by working some of the air dry clay into a ball and rolling it out to around 50mm thick.

Remember, the thicker the clay the longer it takes to dry. It needs to be thick enough to support a mug or glass without cracking but thin enough to be able to dry. I used my existing coaster as a guide and it seems to have worked fine so far.

2. Take your stamps and press firmly onto the clay to form your design.

3. Use an existing coaster as a template (or any other shape you want) and cut around it with your knife. Make sure not to press too hard as you don't want to flatten out your design or get the clay stuck to the table.

4. Remove the surrounding clay before carefully lifting your new coaster away and leaving it to dry. As the air dry clay was hardening I noticed the edges began to curl. To make sure your coasters dry as flat as possible I recommend turning them over a few times as they dry. Mine took nearly 72 hours.

Step by Step how to make your own Diy Stamped Clay Coasters.

5. When your coasters are completely dry sand down any rough edges using some sandpaper.

6. Paint your coasters. I used a mix of fluorescent pink and white acrylic, prussian blue with white and a pale gold acrylic for the edges.

7. When dry apply a coat of mod podge or watered down pva glue to seal the coaster.

how to make your own Diy Stamped Clay Coasters.

8. Next you need to make the felt base for your coasters. You want it to be slightly smaller than the bottom of your coasters. Trace around your template onto the felt, lay it on top of your coaster and trim away any excess.

9. Apply a layer of glue to both the felt and the clay coaster, press firmly and leave to dry.

10. Make yourself a drink and enjoy your lovely handmade coasters.

Diy Stamped Clay Coasters.

I'm pretty pleased with how these coasters turned out. I know from reading similar tutorials using mod podge and ceramic tiles that some people have had problems with their coasters sticking together when they get something spilled on them. I've only had cold drinks (nothing hot yet) and slightly wet glasses on them and so far so good but I'll make sure to let you know if I have a problem.

Step by Step how to make your own Diy Stamped Clay Coasters.

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