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Diy Gift Bags

I'm always looking for ways to add that personal handmade touch to my gifts, you might remember these origami gift boxes I made back in September. I got this gorgeous handmade paper from my local Hobbycraft the other day and knew immediately what I was going to use it for. I know they're not you're typical Christmas colours but I couldn't resist and the great thing about them is they can easily be customised to match and theme or occasion. They're the perfect last minute holiday gift wrap solution.

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Gift Bag

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Gift Bags:

Decorative paper, handmade paper is perfect for this because it's strong and doesn't tear easily but you could also use a good quality gift wrap or even scrapbook paper for smaller bags. I've used the Pepin range in the past and can recommend it.
Double-sided tape or glue,
A hole punch,
A bone folder,
And some card.

How to make your own Diy Gift Bag

1. Start by laying your paper flat pattern side down.

2. Fold the bottom up 1 or 2 inches. This will form the top of your gift bag. Folding it over like this reinforces the top of your gift bag and makes it stronger.

3. Turn your paper 180 degrees so the fold you've just made is now at the top.

4. Mark the halfway point on your paper and fold the left side to meet it.

5. Apply some glue or double-sided tape to the edge. Lift and fold the right side down so the two sides overlap, press and stick down. If you're using a thicker paper like I did you might need to go over and crease these folds with a bone folder.

6. Fold the bottom of your bag up to form the base. The bigger you want your bag to be the deeper you need to make this fold.

7. Open the bottom of your bag and fold the edges in. You should have two triangles either side of a rectangle with a central line down the middle.

8. Fold the bottom flap up. Make sure it overlaps the central line. Apply some glue or tape to the bottom flap and fold down the top flap, making sure it overlaps. You should now have 2 diamond shapes either side of the base.

9. Next we're going to make the concertina sides to the bag. Fold in the sides of your bag so the edges of the diamonds meet. Press down and crease with your bone folder. Open these folds back out, flip your bag over and repeat on the other side.

10. Pop open your bag and push the sides into place.

11. Depending on what you're putting in your gift bags you may need to reinforce the bottom. To do this trace around the bottom of the bag onto some card, cut it out and trim (you need to make it slightly smaller than the base so it fits easily inside) apply some glue and press down to the bottom of your bag.

12. To finish off your diy gift bags punch some holes in the top of your bag using a hole punch or a crocodile punch, thread through some ribbon and knot it on each side.

13. Stuff with tissue paper, pop in your gift and you're all done.

You can easily make these diy gift bags any size or shape that you want. I made the tall floral gift bag to hold a bottle of wine and the one shown in the steps above is going to be used to hold a book.

Easy Diy Gift Bags

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