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Quick and easy diy sewn notebooks

I use a lot of notebooks and I always like to make sure I have one either nearby or tucked away in my bag. You never know when you might need to jot something down and even though I'm never without my phone and I can make and store notes digitally with a few swipes and the press of a button, for me nothing beats good old fashioned pen and paper.

I made these 3 quick and easy notebooks in under an hour using some scrap paper I had lying around and my sewing machine. As much as I enjoy making the more time consuming craft projects like my 3-D Origami Wall Art sometimes it's nice to have a project you can start and finish quite quickly.


Scrap paper, scrapbook paper or other decorative paper for the cover (I used this one), paper trimmer or scissors, a bone folder, a couple of binder clips, a sewing machine but if you don't have one a couple of staples to the center will work just as well, a craft knife, a steel ruler and a cutting mat.

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Quick and Easy Stitched Diy Notebooks

1. Start by cutting your scrap paper to size. I trimmed mine down to 5 x 8 inch pieces so I wasted as little paper as possible.

2. To make the pages of your notebook fold your paper in half and crease. You can use a bone folder to get a nice sharp edge.

3. Once you've got your stack of folded pages you need to place them inside of each other. Keep going until you're happy with the amount of pages. You'll notice that the pages in the middle of your stack stick out further than the ones on the outside, don't worry about this for now, we'll fix this later.

4. To make the cover of your notebook trim down a piece of scrapbook paper to the same size as your pages. I used scrapbook paper as I like my notebooks to be flexible but if you want a stronger cover you could always glue and mount your decorative paper on some card stock first.

How to make Quick and Easy Stitched Diy Notebooks

5. Place your cover on the outside of your stack of pages. Lay them flat and secure with some binder clips to hold in place.

6. Using a sewing machine sew as close as you can to center crease. You need to leave enough thread at either end that you can tie a knot in it.

There should be two threads, one on the cover side and one on the inside of your notebook. Pull on the top thread (the inside) and the bottom thread should be pulled through as a loop. Pull this loop all the way through and tie the two threads together in a double knot. Trim away excess thread and do the same for the loose threads at the top of your notebook.

If you don't have a sewing machine a couple of staples using a long arm stapler will also do the trick.

8. Neaten up the edge of your notebook where the pages stick out from the cover. Line up a ruler with the edge of your cover and trim away any excess paper with a craft knife. I found the best way to ensure a smooth edge was to do a few light, slow cuts rather than pressing as hard as I could with the blade.

And there you have it, quick and easy diy notebooks. I liked the contrasting thread showing through on the ones I made but if you don't you could always cover the spine with a strip of washi tape and if you wanted to be really neat and tidy you could tie the knots on the cover side and use the tape to hide them as well as the stitching.

Quick and Easy Stitched Diy Notebooks

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