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Worthing Pier, Sussex

I'm back from a weeks holiday in Sussex. The photo above is from Worthing Pier. I'm in love that bright red 'pier' sign.

We went shopping in Brighton, cycling along the coast, ate a lot of food, watched San Andreas (both the best and the worst film I've ever seen and I loved it) at the refurbished Edwardian Dome Cinema, spent some time in Alfriston (I can recommend Much Ado Books, the best book shop!), Lewes and Arundel.

Here's some photos from the trip.

Worthing Pier, Sussex

Arundel Castle, Sussex

Arundel Castle was a highlight. It's a restored medieval castle and the gardens are amazing. They were filled with these gorgeous carved wooden structures and so many plants and trees. It all felt very Game of Thrones.

That building you can see in the second picture down on the right was Oberon's Palace. The walls inside were covered in shells and housed a stalagmite fountain with a golden crown that floated on top and was really hard to take photos of. I've included the dodgy mobile phone photo anyway because even though it's grainy the fountain was pretty amazing and I think it deserves to be shared. It's well worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

If you're interested you can learn more about the castle and it's history here and the gardens here.

What's everyone else been up to?

Arundel Castle Gardens, Sussex.
Inside Oberon's Palace at Arundel Castle Gardens

Arundel Castle, Sussex