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Diy Sparkle filled Christmas Baubles

Decorating some plain glass (or plastic) baubles is a great way to add a little personality to your tree.

These sparkle filled Christmas ornaments are such an easy do-it-yourself project that I'm not sure a step by step is even necessary but you're going to get one anyway ;) I can't help myself.

I wanted to add a little sparkle to mine so I filled baubles with shiny confetti foil and iridescent sequins. If rustic is more your style you could use feathers or Christmas tree trimmings. I love these cacti filled ornaments over on Eclectic Trends and these holly filled ornaments from Martha Stewart are another great alternative.

supplies for Diy Sparkle filled Christmas Baubles


Clear glass baubles // iridescent sequins // confetti stars // diamond table confetti // silver icicle tinsel // sparkling snow // confetti foil

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Diy Confetti Foil Filled Christmas  Baubles

1. Carefully remove the top of the glass ornament.

If you're crafting with kids this part is for the adults as the glass can shatter if you're heavy handed.

2. Fill with your chosen sparkly filling. This can get messy so you might want to put down some scrap paper first.

For the one above I used some multi-coloured confetti foil from my local craft shop. I used a pencil to help push the confetti in when it got stuck in the hole. This part can be pretty time consuming depending on how full you want to fill your bauble.

3. Replace the top and hang.

If you have any trouble filling your baubles you can try making a paper funnel. This would work really well if you wanted to fill your ornaments with glitter.

Diy Silver Tinsel Filled Christmas Baubles

To make the silver bauble I filled it with some silver tree icicle tinsel. It twists round as you thread it through and looks so pretty hanging on the tree. If you don't have icicle tinsel you could trim some normal tinsel and use that instead.

For the last one I filled it with some small plastic diamonds you get to scatter on tables at weddings, some iridescent sequins, sparkly snow and some silver star confetti. This was easily my favourite. I love how it catches the light.

Diy Sparkle Filled Christmas Baubles

And that's all there is to it. Simply hang them on your tree and enjoy.

Happy Christmas crafting.

Diy Sparkle filled Christmas Baubles

Diy Sequin Filled Christmas  Baubles