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Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes with free template

Do you remember last year when I showed you how to make your own diy mini milk carton gift boxes using the Martha Stewart Scoreboard?

They ended up being one of my most popular diy's. I wanted to make an updated Valentine's version but this time instead of showing you how to do all the measuring and scoring yourself I thought I'd give you a free printable template you can download and use. All you need is some pretty paper, a printer and some glue to make your own pretty packaging.

I've held onto this gorgeous scrapbook paper since I bought it last October so I'm excited to finally make something with it. It's part of the Amy Tangerine Stitched range. How cute are those teeny tiny hearts? Perfect for Valentine's Day. Of course the beauty of having a blank template is you can print it out onto any patterned paper or card you want. These would be great to hold mini eggs for Easter or a sweet treat for Mother's Day.

How to make your own Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes //  With free template

Supplies: Scrapbook paper or thin card, free milk carton gift box downloadable template (you can find the download button at the bottom of the post), bone folder and ruler for scoring, double sided tape or glue and washi tape.

1. Print out the free milk carton gift box template onto the back of your chosen paper.

I used scrapbook paper that I cut down to A4 size and ran through the printer but you could also use some lightweight coloured card. If your pattern needs to be a certain way up like mine did, make sure to run a few test pieces through the printer first. I had to put my paper in back to front and upside down to get it to print the right way up. I usually draw an arrow on some printer paper first to mark the front of the paper and which way is up.

2. Cut along the solid lines. Score and fold along all the dashed lines.

3. Fold into a box shape and glue down all the tabs.

4. Gently press in the sides of the box to get the milk carton shape. The lines you scored earlier should make this easy.

5. Secure the lid using some washi tape or a mini peg or clip like I did with my other mini milk cartons.

Pretty easy, right? The tricky part is making sure to print the template the right way up.

Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes // Free template

And don't forget, cut along the solid lines, score along the dashed lines.

Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes with free template

Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes with free template

Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes free template

P.S. If you fancy having a go at all the scoring and snipping yourself, don't forget to pop on over and check out my original tutorial for Diy Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes.

Diy Mini Milk Carton Gift Boxes