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Diy Clock Makeover

Here's the latest craft project I've been working. A pretty diy silver and pink clock makeover.

When we moved in this boring, old clock had been left behind by the previous owners. I didn't really like it but it worked so it didn't seem right to throw it away, especially as all it needed was a quick facelift. It got shoved to the bottom my craft box and I'd forgotten all about it until the other day when I found it along with this pretty, pink self adhesive fabric paper. I grabbed a silver ink pad and some embossing powder and before I knew it I had this fantastic upcycled clock.

Diy Clock Makeover

Things you'll need:

An old, boring clock,
Self adhesive fabric paper,
A piece of scrap paper,
A silver ink pad,
Clear embossing powder,
An embossing heat gun,
A pair of scissors,
And a nail file or some sandpaper.

How to upcycle a clock

1. Start by removing the clock mechanism and the existing clock face and set them aside for later.

2. Take the ink pad and stamp a silver border to the outside of your clock base. Do this one side at a time to make sure your ink doesn't dry out before you have a chance to apply the embossing powder. Don't forget to stamp the outside edge as well.

3.Place a piece of scrap paper under your wooden base before shaking a layer of clear embossing powder onto the ink. Tap off any excess powder onto your scrap paper and pour back into the tub.

4.Use a heat gun to melt the powder until it becomes shiny. I like the way the clear embossing powder gives a raised enamel effect on top of the silver ink but you could also try using a silver or gold embossing powder instead.

5. Do this on all four sides.

Diy Clock Makeover Project

6. Use the previous clock face as a template and trace around it onto the back of your self adhesive fabric paper. Cut out your new clock face, remove the shiny backing paper and position onto the wooden base. Press down firmly.

7. Next take your clock hands and lightly file them to give the ink and embossing powder something to stick to. Stamp on your ink, cover in embossing powder and melt with the heat gun.

8. Using the scissors poke a hole through the fabric paper making sure it's big enough for the clock mechanism to fit through easily. You don't want the hands to snag.

9. Finally reassemble your clock and you're all done.

Diy Fabric Covered Clock

I love it when you can breath fresh life into something you'd otherwise have thrown away. This clock is now sitting proudly on top of the fireplace instead of being shoved in the bottom of a box and I love it.

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