July 21, 2014 Emma 0 Comments

Diy Stamped Clay Bowls from Healthy Nibbles & Bits.

Happy Monday everyone. Today I wanted to share Lisa's fantastic blog Healthy Nibbles & Bits with you. She made the gorgeous clay bowls in the photo above inspired by my own Stamped Clay Bowls. Aren't they great? I love the stamp she used and that she put her own spin on them with the fluted edges.

It's the best feeling to know that people are actually making the things I'm sharing on this blog. If you've been inspired to make something from the any of the tutorials so far and would like to see them featured here please get in touch. You can tag me on instagram @emliston or email me directly at gatheringbeautyblog{@} I'd love to see them.

If you want to see more of how Lisa made her own clay bowls you can go here and if you're looking for some healthy recipes here's a few from her blog that caught me eye, banana peanut butter pops, clever microwave lemon poppy seed cake and sweet and salty granola bars.

Thanks to Lisa for letting me use her photo and don't forget to check out her out on pinterest and instagram.