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Diy Paper Christmas Trees Topped With Origami Stars

I'm so excited to share this tutorial for these diy paper Christmas trees with you. They're such a quick and easy project and take practically no time at all. You could easily whip up a whole forest of them in an afternoon.

How to make Diy Paper Christmas Trees

Materials needed make your own Diy Paper Christmas Trees:

Scrapbook paper (I used the Crate Paper Close Knit pad), several bowls or cups of different sizes to draw around or a circle cutter (I've got the Martha Stewart circle cutter on my Christmas list), each one needs to about an inch smaller than the last, a bone folder, glue, scissors, a pencil and some blu tack, light weight modelling clay or a glue gun.
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1. Trace and cut out 3 circles from your scrapbook paper. You'll need 3 different sizes. I used a cereal bowl (4.5 inches in diameter) for the biggest one, a small bowl for the middle circle (3.5) and a ramekin (2.5) for the smallest.

2. Take a circle, fold it in half and crease using a bone folder. Open your circle out again and turn 90 degrees,  fold it in half again. Your circle should now to divided up into 4 sections. Repeat and fold these 4 sections in half again so you have 8 sections and then finally 16 sections.

3. Take your circle and fold it using an accordion fold.

4. Repeat for your 2 other circles. The smaller the circle, the harder it is to fold so make sure to take your time.

5. Use a small ball of blu tack or modelling clay to space out each layer of your paper tree. Press each layer firmly to the blu tack below. Adjust each layer until you're happy with it.

How to make origami lucky stars

How to make a mini Origami Star Tree Topper:

1. Take your scrapbook paper and cut it into strips 1/2 inch wide and 12 inches long.

2. Take your paper strip and tie it into a loose knot. Try not to pull too hard as the paper will rip.

3. Pull it gently and flatten. You should now have a flat pentagon shape.

4. Take the short end and tuck it into the knot.

5. Start folding the long end around each side of your pentagon. It should naturally follow in the right direction. Keep going until you only have a small tail piece left. Tuck that tail end in like you did at the beginning.

6. Take your flat star and use your fingernail to push in on each side. Your star should start to puff up.

7. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of your origami star and stick to the top of your tree. VoilĂ ! You're all done.

How great would they look lined up on top of the fireplace? Or as a table centrepiece? You could even thread them with string and replace the blu tack with beads and hang them from your tree. Any ideas? What would you use them for?

Diy Paper Christmas Trees Topped With Origami Stars.

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