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Diy Expandable Pocket Clipboard.

These diy expandable pocket clipboards are a really easy and cheap project to make. You can buy the plain clipboards for a couple of pounds each and decorate them with whatever pretty papers you already have on hand. As well as decorating them using scrapbook paper I added an expandable pocket to the bottom, it's perfect for keeping all those loose papers and general clutter off of my desk.

Want to make your own? Here's what you'll need:

Plain clipboards, scrapbook paper (I used some of the Close Knit by Crate Paper. It doesn't seem to be available anymore but I've linked to some similar paper below), scissors and a craft knife, a score board or embossing tool and a ruler, Elmer's glue or double-sided tape.

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How to make Diy Expandable Pocket Clipboards

1. Measure your clipboard and cut your paper to size. Your paper needs to be about an inch longer than your clipboard.

2. Tuck your paper under the metal clip.

3. Using a pencil mark the width of the top of the clip (the smaller part) on your paper.

4. Cut down to the middle of the line you've just drawn and then along the line. You want to make an upside down 'T' shape.

5. Slide your paper back under the metal clip. Make sure it sits flush with the bottom of the clip. The 'T' shape will form 2 flaps of paper either side of the clip.

6. To make sure your paper flaps fit neatly around the clip you need to remove the excess paper. I used an embossing tool to trace around it and then carefully removed the paper from the board before cutting along the embossed lines. Afterwards I realised it would've been quicker to use a craft knife here instead of the embossing tool and saved myself some time. I think you'll probably want to do this.

7. Apply a thin layer of glue to your clipboard.

8. This next bit can be a bit tricky so make sure to take your time. Hold open the metal clip and slide your trimmed paper into place. It should fit snugly around the clip.

9. Leave to dry.

10. Once dry neaten up the edges by trimming away any excess paper.

How to make Diy Expandable Pocket Clipboards

11. To make the expandable pocket you're going to need 3 pieces of paper. My clipboard measured 9 x 12 inches so I cut 1 piece measuring 9 x 5 inches and 2 pieces measuring 3 x 4.5 inches.

12. Score a 1/2 inch tab on the bottom of the 9 x 5 inch piece. This tab will form the bottom of the pocket making the pocket 4.5 inches high.

14. To make the expandable sides of the pocket score the 3 x 4.5 inch pieces every half inch. Fold along the score lines to make a concertina or zig zag shape.

15. Flip the paper over pattern side down and attach a piece of zig zag paper to each end of your pocket using some double-sided tape.

16. Fold the concertina sides in before lifting the bottom tab and gluing it down. The bottom tab is going to the hold the expandable sides of your pocket in place.

17. Apply some glue or double-sided tape to the back of your pocket and stick to the bottom of your clipboard.

I've hung mine above my desk and have been using it to hold all my bits of scrap paper and a couple of these spare pocket notebooks I made last week. It's working well so far but if you want to use yours to hold something heavier I recommend replacing the scrapbook paper pocket with some thicker card or reinforcing your paper by gluing it to some thin card first.

As always let me know how you get on and if you have any problems or questions pop them in the comments below. And if you want more paper crafts head on over here.

Diy Expandable Pocket Clipboards
Diy Expandable Pocket Clipboards

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