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Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers

As promised here are my diy scrapbook paper book covers. I've got a shelf full of these old classic novels, they've been well read and well loved and sadly it's starting to show. I know in recent years a lot of the classics have been getting makeovers like this version of Pride Prejudice and this gorgeous version of Heidi and so I decided to give some of my old books a makeover of their own. I love how they turned out. In fact I love them so much I think I need to give all my books a makeover!

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Materials needed to make Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers

Materials needed to make Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers:

Old books, scrapbook paper (I used this one but sadly it's no longer available), pva glue, a paintbrush, an embossing tool and ruler or scoreboard, a craft knife, a cutting mat and some stickers and washi tape to decorate.

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How to make Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers

1. Line your book up with the top of the scrapbook paper and mark the bottom of the book. Trim your paper to size. You want the cover to fit as precisely as possible.

2. Lay your book down flat on your trimmed paper and score along the spine using an embossing tool.

As we're covering old books that can be warped and uneven I found it worked best to score along the actual book rather than measuring and using a ruler.

3. Lift your book up on it's spine and line it up with the previous score line. Score along the edge of the book spine.

4. To make sure your cover will open smoothly score 2 more lines a 1/4 inch out from the 2 you've just scored.

5. Check your new cover fits your book. You want to make sure the cover is the same height as your book. Don't worry about the paper overlapping the edges at this stage, we're going to fix this later.

6. Apply a thin layer of glue to your book cover.

7. Stick your cover to your book. I found it worked best if I laid the book down spine first onto the paper and then lifted the sides up. Make sure to smooth out any creases.

How to make Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers

8. Leave to dry. To stop the book covers bending up as the glue dried I left mine to dry overnight under a stack of heavy books.

Once dry if your book covers are still a little curved you can always gently bend them in the opposite direction to straighten them out.

9. When dry use a craft knife and ruler to trim away any excess paper.

10. Decorate your scrapbook paper book covers. I used some white alphabet stickers, pink washi tape and some Cath Kidston labels to decorate mine. I really love how the white stickers look against the neon pink washi tape.

Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers
Diy Scrapbook Paper Book Covers

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