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Diy Origami Vases

Well, these Diy Origami Paper Vases are definitely a labour of love. The first few times I tried to make them it all went horribly wrong and I wasted a lot of lovely scrapbook paper trying to get them right.

I first saw the vases in the January edition of 91 Magazine and instantly fell in love with them but it wasn't until last week that I finally got around to making some. I don't want you to do what I did and waste all your scrapbook paper so I've included a lot of photos in the steps below and separated them into 4 different sections that hopefully make it easy for you to digest and as always if you have any questions please pop them in the comments below.

Things you'll need to make your own Origami Paper Vases:

Scrapbook paper,
Plain/old paper to practice on,
A bone folder or if like me you can't find yours or don't own one a ruler works fine,
Some glue, double sided tape or fabric tape,
And a jar or glass.

How to make Origami Paper Vases

1. Take your paper and fold it in half. Press down and crease with your bone folder or ruler. Make sure to flip your paper over and repeat with the ruler on the other side to give yourself a crisp, sharp fold.

2.Open your paper up and this time fold the edge of your paper into the middle to meet the new crease you just formed.

3. Repeat on the other side. When flat your paper should now be divided up into four even sections.

Step by step diy origami paper vases

4. Now we're going to begin folding our paper into eight sections. Lay your paper flat and fold the first of your four sections in half again by taking the edge of the paper and folding it to meet the first fold. Don't forget to make sure you're still creasing both sides of each fold with your bone folder or ruler.

5. Open your paper out again. Take the edge of your paper and fold it so the edge meets the last fold. Your paper should now be folded in thirds. When you open it out it should now have four sections on one side and two on the other.

6. Rotate your paper and repeat on the other side. Your paper should now be made up of eight sections.

Step by step diy origami paper vases

7. We're now going to start making the diagonal folds. Take your first corner and fold it so the edge of the paper meets your first fold and forms a right angled triangle.

8. Open your paper back out. This time take the same corner, miss out the second vertical fold and fold it to meet the third fold from the right. Repeat missing out the fourth vertical fold and meeting the fifth, missing out the sixth and meeting the seventh.

9. You need to repeat this for all four corners of your square. When you've done this the paper should look like the top right image below.

how to make diy origami paper vases

10. Pick up your paper and gently curl it. The shape of your paper vase should start to form. You may need to gently press in a few places as scrapbook paper is usually slightly thicker than normal paper and can be harder to fold.

11. I tried a few different ways to finish them off. You can see in the image above that on one I used fabric tape to stick the two edges together to form a spine. On the pink one I used double sided sticky tape and overlapped the paper until the origami shape matched up. This made a thinner, more sturdier tube. On the medium sized vase pictured below I used a few dots of glue and held it together with paperclips overnight until it had dried.

12. Slide your finished origami tube over a jar or glass and you're all done.

Once you've got the basic idea down you can try experimenting with the amount of folds to form different sizes. I made the floral one below by making only four sections instead of eight. Just remember when folding your triangles that you want them to be at right angles and you should be fine.

Diy Origami Paper Vases

So what do you think? Easy? Hard? Will you be having a go at them yourself? I'd love to hear what you think?

Diy Origami Paper Vases

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