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I've fallen in love with these Diy Origami Bows. They would make the perfect gift topper or garland. There's no glue needed although you do need to make a couple of cuts with a pair of scissors.

Let's get started.


Origami paper (I used the papers out of this set) and a pair of scissors.

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How to make Diy Origami Bows

1. Start with your paper pattern side down. Fold in half and crease well. The pattern should be on the inside.

2. Fold in half again and crease.

3. Open your paper out and flip it over. Fold it in half this time diagonally with the pattern on the outside. Open it out, turn it 90 degrees and fold in half again diagonally.

4. Collapse your paper along the folded lines pattern side in. Press flat and fold the tip down 1 to 2 cm. Crease well.

5. Open your paper out. You should now have a small square in the centre of your paper.

6. Recrease along the sides of the square to make mountain folds. Fold the paper back in on itself, the square should collapse in as you fold.

7. Fold the top layer down to meet in the middle. Flip your folded paper over and repeat on the other side.

8. Carefully open your paper back up. You should be able to see a square forming in the centre. Press flat making sure all the folds stay in place.

9. Turn your paper over so the patterned side is down. To being making the bow shape you need to make 4 cuts along the folds (highlighted in green) to make 2 flaps.

10. Fold the first flap down to reveal the top of the bow. Fold down the top to form 2 triangles like in the 2nd picture down. Fold both flaps up and repeat to form the bottom of the bow.

11. Fold both flaps back down to make the tails of the bow. Fold the sides in before cutting up the centre of the tails. Take the sides you've just cut and fold them in.

12. Flip the bow over.

13. To finish the bow fold the tips into the centre and tuck them under the square. Press flat or leave as it is for a 3D bow.

Diy Origami Bows

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