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Diy Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls

These diy tissue paper honeycomb balls are the perfect decorations for a birthday party or wedding or well, just about anything really. You could make a wall of them for a cool photo backdrop or hang them from trees or fences during the Summer.

Although these honeycomb balls are easy to make they can be a little time consuming. For those of you who don't fancy making them totally from scratch or are short on time you can buy a 12 pack of 8x10 honeycomb paper pads in assorted colours instead then all you need to do is cut out some card semi circles and glue them on.

Supplies: Tissue paper or a 12 pack of honeycomb paper, scrap paper, card, a plate or bowl to draw around, washi tape, a ruler, a couple of different coloured markers, scissors, a glue stick, an awl, a strong needle and thread and some paper clips.

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1. Fold and cut your tissue paper. You'll need 50 sheets for each 8 inch honeycomb ball.

I took a stack of 20 sheets of tissue paper and kept folding and cutting them in half until I had divided the paper into 8 even pieces.

Or alternatively pick up some of these honeycomb paper pads and jump straight to step 8 instead.

2. To make your guide take a piece of scrap paper that is larger than your tissue paper and divide into even sections.

If you want a dense honeycomb like the ones I made you need to divide your paper up into 1 inch sections. The closer your lines the more cells your honeycomb ball will have. To help make your life easier later on I found it helped to alternate the colours of the lines, pink, blue, pink, blue etc.

3. Tape your guide to your work surface. Fix a sheet of tissue paper to your guide using some washi tape or other tape that can be easily removed.

4. Pick a colour, I started with the blue and traced the glue stick gently along this line. You may need to hold the tissue paper down so it doesn't rip. Do the same for all the blue lines.

5. Lay your next sheet of tissue paper on top and press down.

6. On your next sheet run your glue stick over the pink lines and stick down another sheet of tissue paper on top.

7. Keep layering up your tissue paper sheets alternating between the pink and blue lines as you go until you have a stack of 50 sheets.

8. Cut a semi circle out of card, line it up with the edge of your tissue paper stack and draw around it. I used an 8 inch plate to make my semi circle.

9. Carefully cut out all your sheets.

As you can see in the photos above when I cut out my semi circle I had quite a lot of excess tissue paper left over. Don't let it go to waste. Instead of throwing it away I managed to squeeze 2 smaller 5 inch honeycomb balls out of it.

10. Cut 2 arches out of card.

I found the easiest way to do this was to draw and cut around a plate and then place a smaller bowl inside and draw and cut around this as well. Fold and cut in half to make to semi circles like the ones above.

In the example above I made the arch the same size as the tissue paper but when I opened it out to make the ball the card stuck out slightly and I had to trim it to make it fit. I'd recommend making the arches slightly smaller than your tissue paper so you don't have this problem.

11. Glue the arches down to each side of your tissue paper sheets.

12. Poke a hole using an awl or strong needle through the bottom and top of your tissue paper/card stack.

Thread some cotton through the holes and tie in a loose knot. You need to make sure to leave a little slack so your ball can open. Making sure you can fit your thumb in between the knotted thread and the honeycomb is a good guide.

You can leave extra cotton on one end and hang your ball from this or attach extra cotton later.

13. Fan open your honeycomb ball. If you want to be able to fold them back down and store them flat use a paperclip or some rolled tape to keep them open. If you want to keep them on permanent display you could apply some glue to each of the card arches and glue them open.

14. Hang your tissue paper honeycomb balls from the knotted thread and enjoy.

I can't believe how easy these were to make. I'm so impressed with how they turned out. I know you can pick up these honeycomb tissue paper balls quite cheaply but nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to look at something and knowing you made it yourself does it?

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