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Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.

One of my favourite things to do is make small gift boxes. I love that a pretty box can be a gift in it's own right. This is a simple origami box with an interlocking lid you can make quickly out of a single sheet of paper. If you're planning on giving someone a gift this Valentine's Day these origami gift boxes might be just the thing.

I made these boxes in a couple of sizes using some of my favourite paper from the American Crafts Maggie Holmes range. The biggest box used a 12x12 inch piece of scrapbook paper and ended up measuring 4½ inches square and 2 inches tall. A 10x10 piece of paper made a box measuring 3½ inches square and 1¾ tall. The box below was made using an 8x8 piece of paper and measured 3 inches square and 1½ inches tall when finished. The smallest box was made using a 6x6 piece of paper and was 1 inch tall.

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How to fold a Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.

Supplies used: 

American Crafts Maggie Holmes Decorative Paper Pad
Martha Stewart Crafts Bone Folder
Fiskars 12 Inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer
Maggie Holmes Decorative Paper Scrapbook Pad, a bone folder and a paper trimmer.

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1. Place your paper pattern side down.

2. Fold and unfold along both diagonals.

3. Fold each of the corners into the center and then unfold again.

4. Fold the top corner down again and then fold the bottom corner up to meet the top of your paper to make a triangle.

5. Next you need to crease along the pink dotted line. Fold the paper to meet the edge of the triangle you just made and crease. You should be able to see a crease from a previous fold, I've marked it in the picture above using a bone folder. Fold as far as this crease, no further and unfold your paper.

6. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat steps 4 and 5. Turn and repeat for each corner.

7. Unfold and place your paper pattern side up. Fold in half to make a rectangle, open it out and rotate 180 degrees. Fold in half again to make a cross in the center of your paper.

How to fold a Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.

Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.

8. Place your paper pattern side down again. As you lift the corners the sides should fold in easily to make the shape in the top left square.

9. Remember those folds you made in step 5? You need to refold along them and press them flat to make 4 points. These 4 points will make the lid.

10. To close the lid of your box you need to fold down the flaps on top of each other in a clockwise direction. Tuck in the last flap to complete the lid.

Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.
Diy Square Origami Box with interlocking lid.

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